Edith Piaf's grave

image du point d'intérêt

La Vie en rose…. Edith Gionnava Gasson, famous as Edith Piaf, may be the most famous French singer of the 20th century. She sings about love, about Paris and the turmoil of the lives of the poor. Born on the steps of Belleville Street, Edith Piaf sang her way out of misery in bars and clubs. Her unique voice soon made her a star. She lived a short and passionate life. She died in 1963, at the age of 47. More than 5,000 people attended his funeral.
Today, her rather simple tomb is always colorful and flowered by visitors who pay homage to Môme Piaf.
She is buried with her father, her second husband Theo Sarapo and her daughter Marcelle, who had died in 1935, aged 2.

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Piaf is French slang for sparrow, as they called little Edith.
Edith's body was embalmed before being buried.